Independent Decision

studentsThe Independent Decision program seeks to promote students who have made a decision to live their lives without the need for illicit drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products.

Independent Decision is offered to Autauga County youth (grades 7-12) who desire to participate in a drug, alcohol, and tobacco free life style. Parental permission is required by all participants. Drug testing is performed on all initial participants and 10% random drug tests are given to the veteran participants. Currently there are 4,500 participants in the program with less than 1% testing positive for illegal drugs during initial and random testing.

The Independent Decision program seeks to promote students who have made a decision to live their lives without the need for illicit drugs, alcohol, or tobacco products. If you are interested in being part of a drug free group, the ID program is just for you! By being a member of this program, you will be eligible to receive discounts at participating businesses, and will help to promote a drug free community.

The goal of the ID program is to promote and reward students in the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade who desire not to use drugs. The program reinforces a drug free attitude and promotes students who have made the wise decision to remain free of chemicals. Students who display good behavior in school and in the community will be rewarded through the ID program.

How Does It Work?
The ID program is a voluntary program in which students in the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade may participate. To be eligible, the student must:
1. Get parental permission or permission from a legal guardian.
2. Be willing to undergo random urinalysis drug testing when selected.
3. Display good behavior in school and in the community.

What is the Independent Decision Program?
The Independent Decision (ID) Program is a voluntary program that rewards students for making the independent decision to remain drug, alcohol, and tobacco free.

Who is Eligible to Be Part of the ID Program?
All students enrolled in Autauga County public and private schools, who are in 7th-12th grade can choose to be involved in the ID Program.

What's In It for Me?
When a student tests negative for drugs during the initial drug screen, he or she receives a picture ID card that can be used at 48 area businesses for discounts on products and services. The students may use the ID card as long as he or she remains in the ID Program and continues to test negative for drugs during random testing.

ID Card:
Students who test drug free will be issued an ID card displaying their picture. ID card members will be entitled to discounts at participating businesses. Only the person to whom the card is issued will be entitled to use the card for discounts.

The card is issued by and remains the property of PASS, Inc., and any student who is found to have a confirmed positive drug test result must relinquish the card to a PASS representative.

If the cardholder shows a pattern of disciplinary problems (truancy, fighting, suspension, etc.) at school, the school representative may revoke the card.

In the case of a lost, stolen, or revoked card, participating merchants will be provided with a list of invalid card numbers. Your name will not be revealed.

For More Information:
For more information regarding the Independent Decision Card Program, you may call (334)358-4900 or write us at PASS, Inc. 1820 Glynwood Dr. Suite D, Prattville, AL. 36066. Our fax number is (334)358-4909 and email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lost Card:
Bring $2.00 to your school counselor. When we come out to drug test, we will make you a new card.

Remember... You make the choice! The ID Card Program operates on a voluntary basis. You are not required to participate, and at anytime, you may withdraw from the program by turning in your card to a PASS representative.


Currently over 70% of eligible students are part of the Independent Decision Program in Autauga County. Join the club!

According to results from the PRIDE Substance Abuse Survey of Autauga County 7th-12th grade students who are members of the ID Program report significantly less use of tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs when compared to fellow students in Autauga County, the State of Alabama, or nationally!

In 2011, 1292 students were tested for meth, methamphetamines, cocaine, opiates, marijuana & nicotine. The results showed less than 1% of the students tested positive for drugs and less than 5% tested positive for nicotine.

There are several means to support PASS in their endeavors to combat drugs, alcohol and nicotine among the youth of Autauga County. You may donate to PASS via our website:, our annual Golf Tournament, yard sale and skeet shoot. These fundraisers help purchase drug kits for the students of Autauga County. PASS has to raise $15,000 a year to sustain the Independent Decision Program.

PASS was recognized as the 2002 Outstanding Coalition for having one of the top Community Anti Drug Coalitions in America. In 2010 PASS was recognized Best of Business, Prattville Youth Organization, by the Small Business Commerce Association.

Thank you to all the participating businesses! Without your support, the ID Program would not be possible!

Also, thank you to the Autauga County Board of Education, Autauga County Schools, faculty & staff for your commitment and support to the ID Program!

How Do I Join?
If you are interested in joining the Autauga County Independent Decision Program and you are a 7th-12th grader in Autauga County, you can get a permission form by emailing or calling us. The form must be signed by the student and the parent and turned in to the student's school counselor. Permission forms can also be requested from the PASS Office.

Join the other 70% of students in Autauga County that have made the independent decision to be drug free.

When PASS staff come to the school to conduct the drug testing, students who have permission forms on file will be tested and have an ID card made on site. As soon as students receive their cards, they may begin taking advantage of the rewards of being drug free in Autauga County!

How Do I Get More Information?
Call the PASS Office at 334-358-4900. We would be happy to answer any questions about the ID Program.

If you would like to know exactly what discounts each of our business partners offer, check out our website where we update this information continually. Click Here for a list.

Also, call or go online to find out more about PASS' mission, other activities, and ways to get involved.